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With an investment in the Südbahnhotel Semmering, you will also be setting additional positive impulses in the Semmering region


With the acquisition of the Südbahnhotel Semmering, you will be able to call a historically-valuable and prominent piece of real estate your very own


Your monetary commitment, the turnkey project development as well as also the on-going operations will be sustainably oriented




Palace Hotel Semmering

The development and reopening as a top-class and very beautiful Palasthotel Semmering (working title) that is unique in the overall concept is both conceivable and, owing to the past usage, obvious. The alpine location at 1000 m above sea level, the wondrously-beautiful mountain panorama and, above all, the history and sophisticated architecture of the Suedbahnhotel Semmering can be a good basis here for the project development of a Palasthotel Semmering. For financial reasons, an expansion will also be required in order to conceive a beacon project which will also be financially successful. Demanding guests from near and far are supposed to enjoy the Palasthotel Semmering all year round and, in so doing, find an arc which extends between the unique history of the Suedbahnhotel Semmering and the current and future requirements of the guests.



Art-, Culture- & Event Centre Suedbahnhotel

The history of development of the Suedbahnhotel was significantly influenced also by art- and cultural influences. A part of the Austrian architectural and social history took place and was written in and around the Suedbahnhotel. Therefore it would be obvious to create and develope the Suedbahnhotel in an Art-, Culture- & Event Centre with accomodation (working title) in the Austrian province of Lower Austria. In the environment of the Semmering region enough history and histories come on mind. A Suedbahnhotel-/Semmering Museum, an Art & Culture Academy, a historical cinema-theatre as well function-/exhibition rooms and artist’s workshops are just a few ideas and possibilities, which could become part and content of an Art- & Culture Centre Suedbahnhotel Semmering. The revitalization and development into an Art- & Cultue Centre Suedbahnhotel, as well the economical realization of it, will need substantial monetary support by patrons as well financial support by the public authorities. The vision of an Art-, Culture- & Evente Centre Suedbahnhotel will be, to become an all-year-round magnet and popular hotspot, for art and culture lovers, from near and far, in the southern part of Lower Austria.


PREMIUM Best Age Residenz

Owing to its location, its unique history and the elaborate architecture, the Suedbahnhotel Semmering is very well-suited for development and adaptation to a unique PREMIUM Best Age Residence in Central Europe. The very demanding guests will find exclusively top-class furnishings, extraordinary discretion and security in the correspondingly adapted and expanded Suedbahnhotel. The ambiance in this regard will be incomparable as well as the diverse and personal services in and around a PREMIUM Best Age Residence in the Suedbahnhotel. The infrastructure within the hotel will fulfil every wish and the guests at the PREMIUM Best Age Residence will enjoy complete well-being and feel right at home. The themes of health and medicine are emphasized at the PREMIUM Best Age Residence and hold an important place in the overall conception.


Additional Usage Options

In principle, additional usage options of the Suedbahnhotel Semmering are conceivable and are supposed to not be ruled out from the outset. In this regard, possible ideas and their concepts must be discussed with the corresponding government agencies–including with regards to getting the required permits. In so doing, the financial feasibility will play a substantial role and must be correspondingly depicted.

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